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Power substations are a crucial component of a city or community’s infrastructure, and they need to be carefully maintained to ensure that customers receive reliable, safe power to homes and buildings. One important part of this maintenance is substation painting.

Morris Painting Inc offers substation painting, paint removal, and inspection services to ensure that your substation is in good shape and will be able to do its job properly.

Why Substation Painting Is Important

Substations, towers, and the like are often made of galvanized steel and are vulnerable to rust, which makes them less reliable and more dangerous over time. Rust creates structural issues within the tower, and a tower that breaks or falls then poses a serious electrical and fire risk.

A painted substation is protected from the moisture that leads to rust damage, and it makes the substation or tower more attractive — a nice bonus when the structure is located in a city center or by a roadway where it is seen by hundreds of people every day.

Before we paint, we will inspect the substation thoroughly to ensure that we aren’t painting over any problems. Once we’re sure that the structure is sound, any broken components have been repaired, and any rust is removed, we use a primer and a zinc-based paint to coat the structure and preserve its longevity.

Who We Are

Morris Painting Inc has provided substation painting services since 1980 and is the largest utility painting company in the country. We have completed thousands of projects on substations and towers across the nation and offer free estimates nationwide. All Morris Painting, Inc. employees are trained in accordance with the 1910.269 Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution standard for qualified employees.

All of our employees are trained in working at height and with electricity to ensure that every job can be carried out safely.

To learn more, call Morris Painting Inc at 330.755.1692.

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