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Society depends on transmission towers to carry power lines essential for everyday life. Maintenance of these structures is paramount to an electric utility company to continue to provide these necessary services to customers without interruption. When the corrosion on a structure is ignored and not maintained the structure will eventually fall. Transmission tower painting and maintenance is a very complex and dangerous industry that requires special attention.

Morris Painting, Inc. is the industry leader in transmission tower painting maintenance. Our company specializes in the painting of energized towers, poles and substations and our vast workforce will assist you to satisfy your coating needs. Company staff includes:

Professional Engineers

Industrial Hygienists

C3 SSPC Inspectors

NACE Certified Inspectors

Quality Control Specialists

Electrical Qualified Employees per 1910.269 Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and, Distribution

ComTrain Tower Safety & Rescue Authorized Trainers


Morris Painting is committed to providing a safe workplace for its employees and cooperating with OSHA as well as Electrical Utility Companies to ensure that maintaining the integrity of the nation’s power grid system is achieved safely.

Coatings in the utility industry require highly skilled employees that must have the ability to recognize specific hazards. Our company’s training program is unparalleled in the industrial painting industry as we require our employees to complete classroom and field training prior to engaging in any painting activities satisfying OSHA’s requirement for “Qualified Employees” per 1910.269(a)(2)(ii).

Specialized Training Incudes:
CPR/First Aid/AED
Fall Protection
ComTrain Fall Rescue Training
Electrical Hazards and Awareness

Training Gallery


Tower Painting Maintenance:

Morris Painting, Inc. has been providing structural steel painting maintenance for the utility industry for over 35 years. Our company specializes in the painting of transmission towers, utility poles and substations.

Services Provided:
• Paint Removal
• Paint Application
• Inspection Services
• Project Consultation
• Project Management Services


Substation Painting Gallery

Tower Painting Gallery

Pole Painting Gallery

Alternating Bands of aviation orange and white per FAA requirements Painting Gallery

A Proactive Approach to Tower Maintenance


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